Marc N Bauman


Concept is the primary factor within creating my art, shedding the importance of aesthetics or materials. I am primarily concerned with the works’ intention. With a well-expressed concept, the intent will define and shape the content. Art must go beyond an intrinsic coveted object to find identity within the environment the piece occupies.

No matter how much time is dedicated to materials and craftsmanship, the piece cannot be actualized effectively without content. With focus and dedication, this syntax creates an opportunity to transcend the object. I strive to make a connection that the viewer recognizes in the physical and psychological, independently.

In this practice I plan on staying in a perpetual state of flux. Part of the dedication to working in the round is exploring new techniques and materials. The process thus, becomes organic in its development. Content is found through material, material through content, aesthetics through intent, and intent through technique.